iPhone 12 Pro Max External Touch Screen Has No Pop Up Problem
Aug 31,2022
iphone 12 pro max unresponsive screen

An iPhone 12 Pro Max touchscreen can become unresponsive for several reasons. For example,
a brief hiccup in iOS could render it unresponsive. While this is often the simplest cause of unres-
ponsiveness, other factors like moisture, debris and APP glitches can all have an effect.

In the absence of these issues, there’s a possibility the screen could be damaged because of an
accident. This situation may call for repairs or replacements. That said, you need to spend a for-
tune to buy a new LCD screen for your iPhone 12 pro max.

Recore finds a new way to solve - that is replace an external touch screen with front glass.
Pay attention: External touch screen not only fixes the touch function,
But also solves the problem of pop-up windows,
What's more, restored the one-key wake-up function.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Plug in touch screen

The tools needed:

1. Hot Air Gun + Soldering Iron ;

2. Steel Mesh ;

3. External touch screen with front glass.

The detailed steps are as follows:

1. Use a hot air gun to remove the IC on the LCD.

remove the ic

2. Remove the original front glass and replace it with our External touch screen with cover.

replace the front glass

3. Install the original IC on the external touch screen flex cable.

install ic on the touch screen

4. Use a steel mesh to plant tin on the original flex cable,
( pay attention to the insulation of the cable and the LCD when planting tin).
After the tin is planted, add a small amount of flux to the pad.

Use a steel mesh to plant tin on the original cable

5. Take out the short flex cable prepared with the plug-in touch screen, and then solder it on
the pad after alignment, and fix the flex cable with high temperature glue.

short flex cable prepared with the plug-in touch screen

6. Fold and align the external touch cable, add tin and solder, and make insulation after the
soldering is completed.

Fold and align the plug-in touch cable

7. Test function, if there is no problem, press the frame to complete the replacement.

iphone-12-pro-max-function test

The following video shows how to press the cable after attaching the external touch screen, please
refer to the video for details: https://youtu.be/ShCROtJcywk

If you are interested and have any questions, please leave us a message.