iPhone Users Could Use Their iPhone 14 In Rain If This Patent Comes to Reality
Jul 14,2022

Apple is gearing up to launch the iPhone 14 series on September 13th. Amidst all the iPhone 14
reports and rumours,  a new Apple patent has been published by the US Patent and Trademark
Office (USPTO), related to the usage of the iPhone in moist environments. The patent suggests
that Apple is working on a technology that will make it easier for users to operate iPhones in rain.

iPhone new patent

The title of the patent is 'Modifying functionality of electronic devices during a moisture exposure
event.' To summarise, the patent talks about changing the functionality of a device's screen during
an event where it is exposed to moisture.

Modifying functionality of electronic devices during a moisture exposure event

The method will add a "protective layer" to the phone's screen, which is connected to Apple's touch
detection system. With the protective layer, the system is able to detect the force exerted on the dis-
play panel and can also detect the presence of moisture on the screen. When the moisture level on
the screen exceeds a preset threshold, the algorithm will adjust the digitizer in response to the use's
actions, taking into account the additional pressure created by the moisture. In addition, when the
user uses the iPhone underwater, the iPhone APP icon will change. For example,when using the
camera underwater, the APP icon will be larger and easier to press.

Modifying functionality of electronic devices during a moisture exposure

To put into simple words, several mechanisms will together to make the iPhone usable in moist
environments. It is important to note that iPhones are water resistant to a good extent and hence,
readers must have seen several users taking their iPhone into the pool for playing music or
clicking photographs.

Modifying functionality of electronic devices during a moisture

The feature may be on by default and activate automatically when moisture is detected. But the
patent also shows that there may be an option in the iPhone in the future that allows users to
manually turn the feature on and off. Of course, as a patent, it is still unknown whether Apple
will introduce this feature in future iPhones, but from the perspective of patents, this feature
is still very useful and worth looking forward to.

iphone 14 water resistance

To use or not, Let us wait and see if the iPhone 14 series has this function.