What You Need to Know About Curved Glass with OCA
May 13,2022

There is a chance that one day you will break your phone screen. They are glass - very fragile
- and we carry them in our pockets or bags every day, even in our hands. No matter how careful
you are, your phone will be bumped, crushed and dropped. If you broke your Samsung edge
screen, you'll want to fix it. Here's what you need to know about repairing or replacing your screen.


On most smartphones, there’s a front screen that protects and enhances the LCD screen below.
The LCD screen is the more important of the two and provides all the display features along with
the touch interface that is vital for a smartphone to function.


It would be better for the front screen to be damaged than the LCD screen. However, you should
fix your front screen asap. If your front screen is damaged, you still run the risk of compromising
the LCD screen, because the front screen offers less protection if it is cracked or shattered.

s10+ front screen with oca

If you need to replace the front screen, a good curved front glass with OCA will save a lot of time
and money. That's what we're going to focus on today - Curved Front Glass with OCA.

A good front glass with OCA has those basic characteristics:

1.Colorless and transparent;

2. Curing and small shrinkage;

3. The light transmittance is above 90%;

4. The glue and front cover have a good fit;

5. Can be used normally under the condition of 30-40 degrees.

S10+ Details

Take a look at the materials: the original process 1:1 front glass, the hole position is precise,
and the assembly is seamless.

OCA adopts a new generation of 125UM dry glue, it has smooth tearing film, standard size,
super toughness, no bubbles, easy defoaming, no yellowing and wrinkle resistance.

Some parameters you need to know:

For the repair shop, only need equipped with a laminating machine,you can complete this operation,
but for refurbishment factory, larger specialized equipment is required. If you are interested, please
leave your message, we are very happy to discuss together.